About us

We are ARCHR. We create products that add soul and personality to your lifestyle.

We are a team of designers in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have a love for the outdoors, fashion and technology. When looking at the market for smart watches and watchbands, we noticed that products on the market lacked character. We found shiny plastic and bright colored rubber, but nothing that truly evoked a natural quality to surround the geometry of the Apple Watch. Seeing this, we believed there was a great oportunity to design a new line of Apple Watch bands.  

Using the finest quality Italian leather and performance nylons, we hand stitch our watchbands with care and pride and all our watchbands are compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, 2 and 3.

We love products that have a rugged feel and get better with age. We created ARCHR to bring character and personality to your Apple watch with handmade watchbands that stand the test of time.

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